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American Faction 

AE-WWII Alternate Events - World War II - Retro Sci-Fi

American Sniper

28mm Scale / Approx 18mm in height.

Material: Metal multi parts.

Contents: Metal figure parts, plastic bases are included but scenic bases are not, comes with 1 body, 1 cape, 2 heads, 4 arms and accessories.

Description: AE-WWII Alternate Events - World War II - Retro Sci-Fi

The war drags on. Neither the Axis nor the Allies have been able to secure a victory. By spring of 1946 the conflict has devolved into a bloody war of attrition and all sides turn to new advances in science, technology and even the occult to try and achieve victory. Based on real WWII experiments and legends from throughout history, AE-WWII is unlike any WWII miniatures, historically accurate, sci-fi, occult, or a mix of all three; AE-WWII has something for all.

Product Info: Items are not painted and will require preparation and assembling, also items do not come with scenic base parts.

Product Code: AME004

Retro - Figures - American - Faction - Miniatures - BlackballGames - AE-WWII

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Blackball Games AE WWII American Sniper

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