Monolith Models

Dark Forest

Dwarven Pack Turtle Portable Pub

Scale: 28mm.

Material: Resin muliti parts.

Contents: Resin figure parts.

Description: Dwarven Pack Turtle Portable Pub. A bit of a cheeky spin on the 'Joseph Busman's Cart' from the '80's; the idea behind Joseph Busman's, horse-drawn, ale carriage, was that every dwarf within 12 inches gets a bonus. (Because lets face it, dwarves sure do love their ale.) They're not alcoholics, they can quit whenever they want.

Product Info: Items are not painted and will require preparation and assembling.

Product Code: DF039

Resin - Figures - Fantasy - Miniatures - MonolithModels - Dwarf

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Monolith Models Dwaren Pack Turtle Portable Pub

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