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AE Bounty - Alien Encounters

The Lurker

Scale: 28mm / Approx 38mm in height from bottom of figure to top of figure.

Material: Metal multi parts.

Contents: Metal figure parts, plastic bases are included but scenic bases are not.

Description: Alien Encounters: Bounty are science fiction miniatures set in the distant future of a galaxy shattered by greed. Miniatures of bounty hunters, mercenaries and pirates, equipped with a variety of deadly weapons and useful gear, and figures of various alien races. Operating deep behind enemy lines, Lurkers work themselves into hidden positions long before the battle even begins only to spring forth when the enemy least suspects it. Lurkers are relied upon to scout enemy positions and coordinate with other bounty hunters prior to an attack. Lurkers are a vital resource for most bounty hunter crews.

Product Info: Items are not painted and will require preparation and assembling, also items do not come with scenic base parts.

Product Code: ALE020

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Blackball Games AE Bounty The Lurker

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