Manufaktura Miniatures
Manufaktura Miniatures creating unique and highly detailed resin miniatures for tabletop gaming, a miniature company that focuses on high quality, unique, and mature themed resin miniatures for 28mm scale gaming. Current Ranges Strife Series And NSFW Sub Series...
Firstly let us introduce ourselves we are Figures for Sale a new United Kingdom based online internet business, recently established in 2015. We are a specialising in the most interesting assortment of Plastic Model Kits including Accessories and Figure Miniatures for Fantasy - Sci-Fi - Fantasy Football - Blood Bowl, Warhammer etc the list is endless. We’re focused on what our customers want most - great product, an easy to shop environment and excellent customer service. We believe we offer our customers a good choice at reasonable prices for the collector or gamer. We have a v..
Second Hand / Pre Owned New Plastic Model Kits or Miniature Figure collections wanted. Collection value is based on whether items are boxed or unboxed, new or old, unpainted or painted, unmade or made condition. We will make you an offer on all or part of your items you wish to sell. Feel free to email me your lists of items with full item names, size, make, and age also photos and any other relevant information. We purchase any wargames or figure miniature related items or Plastic Model Kits, to help us do this please supply a comprehensive list of numbers, size, make, paint quality, photo..
A new small French range of resin miniatures by Golem Miniatures.This company is run by Matou, already known for his association Maow Miniatures.This time Matou has launched a range of female figures, and to come in the future monsters figures.Lots of little sexy females which have a market for players such as Zombicide and collectors alike.3 versions of each character are:- A naked Version to convert to your own character desires.- A swimsuit version.- A dressed military version for your games with figures.- And 2 zombie versions of Eva and Jess.Eva, Lucy and Jess are available in thre..
Icon Figures Are a Mexican brand, who make historical figures, movie characters and monster characters, warrior figures and pirate figures.The sizes range from 54mm - 120mm .Figures are white metal unpainted kits and, resin unpainted kits.Alex Lopez is the owner and sculptor, he has been devoted to sculpture in miniature for 25 years. With His wife Gris and their children Omar and Maribel, keep this project afloat...
Monolith Models
Monolith Models is a United States company making high quality miniatures and expanding its ranges constantly.What you will find here are miniatures with a Gothic Horror, 19th Century Romantic appeal, BDSM & Fetish related themes.Both unique, and different, they are a bit of a change from the normal of the genre. All in various scales from 28mm to 160mm.Categories at present are:Histoire d'O, Story of O: Which is a tale of female submission.Carnival of Lost Souls: Carnival, circus zombies.Dark Forest: Tabletop, Dwarven gaming miniatures.Kiss of Carmilla: Strigoi immortal Elven vampires.Cul..
Shieldwolf Miniatures is a company based in Markopoulo, Greece, a suburb of the Hellenic capital Athens. It has been founded and owned by Dott. Angelos Margaritis, a veteran supporter of Fantasy in general but also a hobbyist and wargamer. A renowned professional in his own sector, he established a line of policies and procedures to ensure the growth of a serious and competitive company. Already an established miniatures manufacturer with kits available in both hard plastic and resin.Shieldwolf Miniatures specialise in 28mm heroic scale fantasy army miniatures.These range from Orcs t..
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