The easiest way to get your hands on a great figure

Firstly let us introduce ourselves we are Figures for Sale a new United Kingdom based online internet business, recently established in 2015.

We are a specialising in the most interesting assortment of Plastic Model Kits including Accessories and Figure Miniatures for Fantasy - Sci-Fi - Fantasy Football - Blood Bowl, Warhammer etc the list is endless.

We’re focused on what our customers want most - great product, an easy to shop environment and excellent customer service. We believe we offer our customers a good choice at reasonable prices for the collector or gamer.

We have a variety of new model kits and figure miniatures presented here, ranging in sizes produced not only by well established manufacturers but also by smaller up and coming companies worldwide, some of which you may not of heard about.

Through our website, we will be hoping to provide you with a business where you will be able to find your latest favourite figure miniatures and models online.

Since we are in the early stages of our enterprise, we may not be able to satisfy all your enquiries however we will endeavour to meet your requirements in the shortest possible time. This website will be continuously expanding and will be very dependent on any feedback that we receive from our customers.

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