Monolith Models

Monolith Models

Monolith Models is a United States company making high quality miniatures and expanding its ranges constantly.

What you will find here are miniatures with a Gothic Horror, 19th Century Romantic appeal, BDSM & Fetish related themes.

Both unique, and different, they are a bit of a change from the normal of the genre. All in various scales from 28mm to 160mm.

Categories at present are:

Histoire d'O, Story of O: Which is a tale of female submission.

Carnival of Lost Souls: Carnival, circus zombies.

Dark Forest: Tabletop, Dwarven gaming miniatures.

Kiss of Carmilla: Strigoi immortal Elven vampires.

Cult Cinema Horror: Miniatures from the old skool, black & white Horror/Sci-fi movies.

Outbreak: Zombie apocalypse, viral outbreak miniatures.

Inside the Grass Labyrinth: From the movie, "The Grass Labyrinth", a dark, surreal, artistic film-noir made in 1979,

Kinbaku & Shibari designs for diorama building, and artistic purposes.Japanese Rope bondage themes.

WWII Supernatural: A line of 1/35 scale models dealing with the supernatural set against a WWII backdrop.

Games like "Call of Duty", "Return to Castle Wolfenstein", movies such as "Dead Snow", "Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz", 

"Frankenstein's Army" and "Oasis of the Zombies".

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