Shieldwolf Miniatures

Shieldwolf Miniatures is a company based in Markopoulo, Greece, a suburb of the Hellenic capital Athens. 

It has been founded and owned by Dott. Angelos Margaritis, a veteran supporter of Fantasy in general but also a hobbyist and wargamer. A renowned professional in his own sector, 

he established a line of policies and procedures to ensure the growth of a serious and competitive company.

Already an established miniatures manufacturer with kits available in both hard plastic and resin.

Shieldwolf Miniatures specialise in 28mm heroic scale fantasy army miniatures.

These range from Orcs to Undead and include both infantry units, Busts and larger creatures:

Talliareum Ogre Mercenary army (with Characters, monstrous cavalry, troops, war-machinery).

Orc army faction, the Valley Orcs (with Characters, monstrous cavalry, troops, great monsters). 

Northern Alliance army faction, the Shield maidens (with Characters, troops, monstrous cavalry, great monsters).  

Mercenary Goblin army (with Characters, troops, cavalry, war-machinery).   

Talliareum Human army faction, the Guard of Pramendes (with Characters, troops, monstrous cavalry, war-machinery).

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